Welcome to Sanja Stories, where every garment tells a unique tale. We believe that clothing is not just about style; it’s about the stories woven into the very fabric. From the moment a cotton seed sprouts from the soil to its final transformation, we celebrate the stories that connect us all.

Our mission is to provide a deeper understanding of our clothes. We want to understand where each component comes from and support the people involved in its creation. By embracing transparency, we can uncover the impact on both humanity and the planet at every stage of the garment’s journey.

At Sanja Stories, we foster an intrinsic connection to nature through our regenerative, circular design, materials, and processes. We believe in crafting clothing that harmonizes with the environment, leaving a positive benefit ecologically and socially.

But our stories don’t end with us. We invite you to add your own chapters to the tale. As each garment leaves our hands and embarks on its new life, it collects the stories of how you customize it, the experiences you have while wearing it, and ultimately, how you pass it on to the next stage of its journey.


Sanja Stories will host a new kind of customer journey, where YOU are a part of the journey. We need YOU to be a part of the whole system, we have created 2 buttons above, There are 2 options –  you can choose to pay the full amount for the denim in one go OR as we know times are not always what they used to be so we have also created a ‘deposit’ and monthly payment scheme for the 6 months it will take us to grow, weave and make the garments. We will only start the production when we find 200 Customers.

You will be along for the journey with us and will see all the history, stories, processes, fitting, design, business development and considerations throughout.

Deposit £35 with 5 further monthly payments of £23.

Sound fair ? Join us in our journey to create a fully regenerative jean and business system.


”This is both innovative and ancient with the use of Khadi! And the whole philosophy of Sanja! Very inspiring! I have loved working with Khadi fabric in my former brand WVN ( woven) and love the history of the fabric and the quality!”

Kate Fisher – WVN

”I absolutely LOVE these jeans. They really are the future of creation and how it should be. I absolutely love the sustainability but also the collaborative and community aspect too. Just a game changer. I’m signing up today too. 💚🤩”

Emma Bottomley – Eloma Design

”It’s amazing to know from seed to jeans. I love the modularity aspect and I saw the jeans in IRL at fashion declares summit last September so I was hooked then! Also I am happy to be able to choose my own natural dye colour.  A trend – less item of clothing, what’s not to love !”



Creating a Digital Passport and 3D design render to show on different sizes and natural dye colour renders. The digital passport will showcase the transparency of the garment – and we will soon embed it into our site.